Single Cell Analysis

New Book from Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories and University of Modena, Italy




1. Microenvironment Cytometry   Paul J. Smith, Victoria Griesdoorn, Oscar F. Silvestre, Rachel J. Errington

2. Rare Cells: Focus on Detection and Clinical Relevance
Sara De Biasi, Lara Gibellini, Milena Nasi, Marcello Pinti, Andrea Cossarizza

3. “E All’ottavo Giorno, Dio Creò La Citometria … and on the 8th Day, God Created Cytometry”   J. Paul Robinson

4. Cytomics of Oxidative Stress: Probes and Problems
José-Enrique O’Connor, Guadalupe Herrera, Francisco Sala-de-Oyanguren, Beatriz Jávega, and Alicia Mortinex-Romeroa

5. Flow Cytometry in Multi-center and Longitudinal Studies
Anis Larbi

6. Validation—The Key to Translatable Cytometry in the 21st    Century   Virginia Litwin, Cherie Green, Alessandra Vitaliti

7. Flow Cytometry in Microbiology: The Reason and the Need
Cidália Pina-Vaz, Sofia Costa-de-Oliveira, Ana Silva-Dias, Ana Pinto Silva, Rita Teixeira-Santos and Acácio Gonçalves Rodrigues

8. Flow Cytometer Performance Characterization, Standardization, and Control   Lili Wang, Robert A. Hoffman

9. Alternative Approaches for Analysis of Complex Data Sets in Flow Cytometry   Carmen Gondhalekar

10. Photon Detection: Current Status   Masanobu Yamamoto

11. Identification of Small-Molecule Inducers of FOXP3 in Human T Cells Using High-Throughput Flow Cytometry  Rob Jepras, Poonam Shah, Metul Patel, Steve Ludbrook, Gregory Wands, Gary Bonhert, Andrew Lake, Scott Davis and Jonathan Hill

12. Cancer Stem Cells and Multi-drug Resistance by Flow Cytometry  Jordi Petriz





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