FCS Press

Contributor: Ray Hicks

Affiliation: University of Cambridge, Department of Medicine


Description: FCSPress is a page layout/data analysis program for working with Flow Cytometry Standard version 1.0 and 2.0 files that build on the functionality of FCS Assistant. It handles a wide variety of data file types, and allows you to plot and print histograms, dot-plots, density plots and kinetic graphs.


  • All graphs are formatted "on the page", and can be annotated with fully stylable text

  • Multi-page layouts

  • The use of tool changes is kept to a minimum, making it very easy to use and quick to master

  • Layout is simplified by use of a variable snap-to-grid feature used when resizing and moving objects

  • Easy to use batch analysis functions

  • Results tables, graphs and text can be copied at full resolution into other programs

  • Selectable high resolution printing with true WYSIWYG for dot plots

  • Non-rectangular quadrants


Click here to download the demo of FCS Press demo.



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