Image Analysis and Software Capabilities

Currently available image processing tools

Software packages:

  • Image-Pro Plus from Media Cybernetics
    • 3D Constructor plug-in
    • Sharp Stack plug-in
  • MetaMorph and MetaFluor from Universal Imaging
  • Adobe Photoshop with Image Processing Toolkit

The following image analysis programs were installed in the lab in 1994 and were available to users

The following materials is retained for historical purposes only (1994-2002 site materials)

Silicon Graphics (2 Indigo 2 Workstations):

  • Vital Images VoxelView Software (pretty complicated program, powerful, not exactly intuitive to use)

IBM PC Compatible Systems (Compaq Prosignia 500, 80 MB RAM):

  • MS DOS
    • COMOS (can run the confocal scope)
  • Running Under OS2 Warp
    • PM View (fantastic shareware program - a MUST if you have OS2)
    • PM Jpeg (same comment as above)
    • LASERSHARP 1024 - 1024x1024 - software for running the MRC 1024
  • Running Under Windows
    • OPTIMAS (OK - useful features, but limited - the good stuff is usually in the next upgrade!)
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Microvoxel (OK - could take it or leave it - has some useful features)
    • Microsoft Powerpoint (slides)
    • Deltagraph (Good for graphs - OK for slides)
    • Bravo (partially useful - not as friendly as some!)



Link to Phototek lab for single photon technology


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