MoFlo XDP High Speed Cell Sorter and Analyzer (archival use only)

MoFlo XDP High Speed Cell Sorter and Analyzer (mostly taken from BC brochure materials)

- Lasers 4
- PMT 13
- Pinholes 3
- Summit Software Ver. 5.1.3
- Optical Bench: 4’ x 3’


- Enterprise UV/Vis (70mw @350nm, 130 mw at 488) (4 W all lines)
- DLC 632nm, 25mW
- Coherent 70C Spectrum KrAr (225mw @647.1; 150mw@568nm; 130mw@531nm;
250mw@514nm; 250mw@488nm; 100mw@476nm;30mw@457nm) [http://]
- JDSU 488nm, 30mW

Options and Accessories:

- Touch screen control panel
- Smart Sampler, - Aerosol Evacuation System (AES) for Biosafety, - IntelliSort-II beadless drop delay determination and monitoring, - CyClone® custom plate and slide sorting
- 4-way Sort, - Precision Optical Detector (POD) structure
- Cyto nozzles (2), - Computer, Monitor, Printer, Keyboard, Mouse
- Vacuum, - Jun-Air Air Compressor, - Haake Water Bath, - Matched Tables (2), - UPS (1)


- MoFlo XDP combines an historic sorting reliability with cutting edge engineering and proven performance. Enhanced light collection and filter designs optimize the sensitivity required of a high-end sorter. Intuitive software for easy and quick sort set up and analysis. Unique nozzle design give high viability and recovery even at the highest sort speeds


- Zero dead time, - More than 100,000 analysis events per second
- More than 70,000 sort events per second, - Digital triggering on any parameter, - Digital pulse processing, - True 32-bit-high resolution, - 5-decade multi-channel digital system

High Speed Sorting:

- IntelliSort II: Beadless drop delay determination and monitoring
- Ultra-high performance electronics validated for 70,000 sorts/second
- Abort rates are extremely low for very high yields
- Unique nozzle design give high viability and recovery even at the highest speeds
- Independent Sort Mode capability in each tube


- Open architecture for configuration modularity
- Optical bench can accommodate any laser used in flow cytometry
- Fiber-coupled lasers with Beam Shaping Optics for stability and ease of alignment
- Easily replaceable probe and sample line (for biosafety)
- Robust and proven design
- Maintains the critical stable droplet formation required in sorting
- High precision can sort into 1536-well plates

Touch Screen Control Panel:

- Easy-to-use intuitive cytometer set up and control
- Independent control of each stream
- Simple coarse and fine alignment
- CyClone calibration up to 1536-well plate
- Real-time sort statistics

Summit Software:

- Established software with powerful data handling
- 18x18 Auto-compensation matrix
- More than 1 Billion event listmode files
- Determine regions with full parameter resolutions


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