A Seminar on How to Present Science to the General Public

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Presented on various occasions since 2000- this presentation example: September 24, 2009

This is a lecture given to undergraduate students on how to present scientific information to the general public. The slides in this seminar provide an outline of how one should prepare the slides, and give the presentation.


The presentation discusses many things including those below:

  • How to set the level of the presentation to the level of your audience
  • How to open and close your presenation
  • Best use graphics and illustrations
  • How to address audience questions

"A Seminar on How to Present Science to the General Public"

A Seminar on How to Present Science to the General Public

J. Paul Robinson, Professor, Purdue University

Download the PPT file (3 megs)

Download the PDF file (560K)

Download the mkv file NEW (204Mb)



Techniques for Giving a Great Seminar

This lecture will be helpful to students, postdocs and faculty and is focused on presenting that special seminar where you want to really communicate your message in a very professional way. This presentation shows you what to do and what not to do to get your message across.


Here is the Powerpoint file you can download.


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