FlowJo Demo

Contributor: Adam Treister
Affiliation: Tree Star, Inc
This demo is an example of an 11 color flow cytometry experiment. You can explore the incredible heterogeneity of the T cell compartment in man by gating on any of these subsets and viewing the expression several additional markers. Explore what the expression of CD28, CD57, CD49f are on these differentiation and lineage subsets... see if you can determine how many subsets of T cells are revealed by this staining! (Hint: at least 100).

The PBMC sample in this collection was stained with 11 different antibodies: FITC anti-CD28, PE anti-CD49f, Cy5PE anti-CD11a, Alexa495, anti-CD62L, APC anti-CD45RO, Cy7APC anti-CD57, Cy7PE anti-CD4, Cascade Blue anti-CD45RA, Cascade Yellow anti-CD3, Cy5.5PE anti-CD27, and Cy5.5APC anti-CD8.

11color.hqxBinHex file containing a StuffIt archive with FlowJo, its workspace file, more explanation, and data in a FlowJo specific version. Macintosh only.
11color.fcsA standard FCS file for viewing the data with other analysis programs. Platform independent.



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