Lecture Slides

Many of these slides have been published in several of our Purdue Cytometry CDROM and DVD series, and may be used personally without copyright restriction provided you give credit to the author and reference this site. Commercial or for-profit use is strictly forbidden.

New EV detection technology



JPR: Dr. J. Paul Robinson, Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories
BR:  Dr. Bartek Rajwa, PUCL
SK:  Steve Kelley PUCL
WT:  Dr. William Telford, Flow Lab at Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY
CCS: Dr. Carleton C. Stewart, (Retired)
SJS: Sigrid J. Stewart, (Retired)

BHD: Bruce Davis

Techniques for Giving a Great Seminar

This lecture will be helpful to students, postdocs and faculty and is focused on presenting that special seminar where you want to really communicate your message in a very professional way. This presentation shows you what to do and what not to do to get your message across.


Here is the Powerpoint file you can download.


 Presentation on CD4 low cost tests in AfricaJPR Listen
 Presentation 101 for Graduate StudentsJPR Page

Microscopy Series - BMS 524, "Introduction to Confocal Microscopy and Image Analysis."

1The Principles of Microscopy Part 1 [49 slides]JPR6.153 MBPPT
2The Principles of Microscopy Part 2 [41 slides]JPR2.714 MBPPT
3The Principles of Microscopy Part 3JPR PPT
3aImage Formats and Image Manipulations [29 slides]SK5.794 MBPPT
4aThe Principles of Microscopy Part 3 [31 slides]JPR4.265 MBPPT
5Fluorescence and Fluorescent Probes [52 slides]JPR7.46 MBPPT
6The Principles of Confocal Microscopy [44 slides]BR5.022 MBPPT
73D Imaging, Rotations and Stereo Imaging [33 slides]JPR3.163 MBPPT
8Principles of 2D image analysis - Morphometry (I) [46 slides]JPR1.623 MBPPT
9Applications of Morphometry (II) [36 slides]JPR9.237 MBPPT
10Live Cell Imaging Application in Confocal Microscopy [38 slides]JPR9.545 MBPPT
11Applications of Confocal Microscopy [24 slides]JPR2.349 MBPPT
12Sample Preparation of Confocal Microscopy [25 slides]JPR8.4 MBPPT
13Additional Applications of Confocal Microscopy [25 slides]BR PPT

Flow Cytometry Series - BMS 631, Slides are based on Howard Shaprio's great text "Practical Flow Cytometry" and many have page numbers to reference the material in that text.

AIntroductory flow cytometry: Part 1- E-lecture - automated online lectureJPR63 MinsListen
BIntroductory flow cytometry: Part 2- E-lecture - automated online lectureJPR60 MinsListen
 Fluorescence Quantitation - An overview of the salient issues including QCJPR15.4 MBPPT
1BMS 631 - LECTURE 1 Flow Cytometry: Theory (2006)JPR28.8 MBPPT
2BMS 631 Flow Cytometry: Theory - Lecture 2 Whos and whys of flow cytometry - History(2006)JPR8.32 MBPPT
3BMS 602A/631 - Lecture 3: : Light and Matter (2006)JPR0.68 MBPPT
4BMS 602A/631: Lecture 4 : Light and Fluorescence (2005)JPR0.51 MBPPT
5BMS 631 - Lecture 5: Properties and Applications of Light Sources (2005)JPR3.34 MBPPT
6BMS 631 - Lecture 6: Optical Systems (2005)JPR24.53 MBPPT
7BMS 631 - Lecture 7: Optics - Filter Properties and manipulation of light in flow cytometry (2005)JPR0.17 MBPPT
8BMS 631: Lecture 8: Detectors (2004)JPR2.8 MBPPT
 BMS 631 - Lecture: Flow systems and hydrodynamics (2005)JPR8.41 MBPPT
10BMS 631 - Lecture 10: Multiparameter data analysis (2004)JPR1.71 MBPPT

These lectures are undated, but many have been here for many years, so they may not be as up updated as you might like.

1Introduction to Flow Cytometry - 1 [28 slides]JPR5.3 MBPPT Page
2Introduction to Flow Cytometry -2 [32 slides]JPR1.05 MBPPT Page
3Flow Cytometry Lecture 3 - Light and Matter [28 slides]JPR213 KBPPT Page
4Flow Cytometry lecture 4 - Optical Systems [29 slides]JPR1.94 MBPPT Page
5Flow Cytometry Lecture 5 - Light Sources and Optical Systems [26 slides]JPR3.9 MBPPT Page
6Flow Cytometry Lecture 6 - Optics: Filter Properties [41 slides] PageJPR235 KBPPT Page
7Flow Cytometry Lecture 7 - Detectors & Fluidics [54 slides]JPR9.7 MBPPT Page
8Flow cytometry lecture 8 - Electronic measurements & Signal Processing [24 slides]JPR95 KBPPT Page
9Flow Cytometry Lecture 9 - Data Collection: Linear, Log, Ratios... [24 slides]JPR292 KBPPT Page

Older General Flow Cytometry Lectures

 Med 101 [59 slides] (4/5/2005)JPR PPT
 Basic flow cytometry theory [17 slides]JPR Page
 DNA analysis [28 slides]JPR Page
 Multiple Color Analysis [3 slides]WT Page
 Light Scatter [2 slides]WT Page
 Excitation / Emission peaks [9 slides]WT Page
 Applications [14 slides]JPR Page
 Antibody Binding [49 slides]CCS Page
 Multiparameter Immunofluorescence [67 slides]CCS & SJS Page
 Compensation [16 slides]CCS & SJS Page
 Simultaneous Measurement of Necrotic, Apoptotic Dead and Live Cells [4 slides]CCS Page
 Immunophenotyping Leukemias & Lymphomas [23 slides]CCS Page
 Breast Cancer: DNA Content & Relevant Markers [4 slides]CCS Page
 Automated Reticulocyte Analysis [27 slides]BHD Page
 Immunophenotyping of Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells by Multiparameter Flow Cytometry [20 slides]CCS Page



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