Seminar on How to Present a Seminar

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For another seminar go to: How to Present Science to the General Public for another lecture on a related topic.


Presented on various occasions since 2000, this is a lecture given to new graduate students on how to prepare slides for their presentations. Frequently, students use excessive animation, incorrect colors, too many slides and engage in other distracting activities during their lectures. The slides in this seminar show how to best use Powerpoint. Good and bad example slides are shown. Obviously, it is difficult to understand all the issues from just reviewing the slides, but it is a good start. There is even a video of an example presention given several years ago.

The presentation discusses many things including those below:


Presentation 101 lecture Jan 23, 2017

The PPT presentation is HERE


Presentation 101 for Graduate Students

  • How to open your presentation
  • How to close your presentation
  • Best use of a pointer
  • Best use of color/fonts
  • What about slide backgrounds?
  • How much animation?
  • Best use of figures
  • How many slides?
  • How to answer questions

A seminar on how to present a seminar!!

J. Paul Robinson, Professor, Purdue University

Download the PPT file (3 megs)

Download the PDF file (1.35megs)

Download the mp4 file (119Mb)

(slight variation in slides above)

Download the mkv file NEW (204Mb)


Presentation 101: Keys to a Quality Talk

A modified presentation is now available that is focused at scientists - not just graduate students - so this one is the one you give your professors when you see what a terrible job they do in giving lectures or presenting their work!!! Perhaps you can suggest your postdoc review this version.

PPT: Presentation_101- Keys to a Quality Talk.pptx

(modified in 2010) ( 1.92 megs)

PDF: Presentation_101- Keys to a Quality Talk.pdf

(modified in 2010) (1.3 megs)

Techniques for Giving a Great Seminar

This presentation was designed to assist students and faculty improve thier ability to communicate their message particularly when they have that very important seminar to present.

Here is the PPT file

(modified Feb 2012)


Presentation 101 For Graduate Students

Presented to School of Health Sciences, August 21, 2012Here is the PPT file

Scientific Presentation 101- Thoughts on What Works

Presented to Chemistry Students September 11, 2012Here is the PPT file



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